Xijing has been committed to high quality titanium and titanium alloy materials and its products production and processing field for many years

Suppling titanium and titanium alloy materials which is for industrial,aviation,medical and the people's livelihood industry application

All products from the source control quality, with many years come from intellectual property, original based on advanced technology and high-end equipment to provide all kinds of high quality products to our customers

Welcome every field application enterprises try to compare

Main products:
Titanium and titanium alloy plate: ASTM B265-Gr.1 Gr.2 Gr.5 Gr.9 Gr.12
Titanium and titanium alloy bars: ASTM B348-Gr.1 Gr.2 Gr.5 Gr.9 Gr.12
Other products: tungsten and titanium and titanium alloy materials processing
Customized production:
Xijing companies have a series of advanced precision machining equipment, according to customer demand customize various titanium and titanium alloy or tungsten and molybdenum materials processing
Other special services:
Processing of anode and cathode and repair of titanium plate



Manufacturing process